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The Asia Pacific Informatics Olympiad (APIO) 2014 was held on 4th May 2014, at Wisma Jobstreet, KL. 12 students were invited to participate, based on their performance on the MCO 2014.


Congratulations to the two medal winners from Malaysia! They are:

  1. How Si Yu, Sunway College, Silver Medal
  2. Yeoh Zi Song, Chung Ling High School, Bronze Medal

The official results can be found on the official APIO website here. The results of the other contestants are as follows.

Well done to all the contestants. The 2014 IOI team will be determined based on APIO performance and some further rounds of online contests.

Name Total
Si Yu How 171
Zi Song Yeoh 73
Si Wei How 57
Yun Kai Lim 23
Justin Lim 23
Jia Jen Ng 23
Fu Yong Quah 23
Daniel Lim 23
Kian Boon Lee 8
Yi Chao Ong 8