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What is MCC?

The MCC (Malaysian Computing Challenge) is an annual online competition designed to evaluate participants’ computational thinking abilities. Knowledge of programming is recommended but not required.


This year, MCC will be held on SimpleCMS (our in-house contest system!). Participants will be required to solve 4-6 problems within a two-day window. Participants may work on the contest anywhere, including at home. Please review the Honour Code below. The problem statements will be available in both English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Sample Problem 1

Given a list of numbers stored in list arr. Output the sum of all numbers.

arr = [22, 39, 68, 90, 22, 53, 80, 36, 16, 44, 48, 29, 13, 24, 51, 69, 99, 65, 58, 41, 68, 57, 66, 5, 44, 10, 23, 1, 24, 64, 29, 85, 6, 22, 51, 14, 98, 93, 71, 77, 100, 92, 62, 69, 76, 83, 19, 68, 75, 40, 16, 20, 47, 95, 60, 71, 34, 11, 80, 90, 14, 39, 69, 71, 18, 64, 63, 89, 57, 88, 52, 2, 71, 2, 71, 20, 12, 49, 97, 33, 43, 7, 30, 37, 8, 83, 9, 68, 96, 72, 99, 21, 53, 68, 25, 71, 2, 31, 65, 69]

For this test case, you should provide the output:


Sample Problem 2 (MCC 2017)

N balls are arranged in a row. Each ball is moving either left (L) or right (R) with the same speed. When two balls collide, they each move to the opposite direction with the same speed as before. How many collisions will happen?

N = 5
balls_direction = ['L', 'R', 'R', 'L', 'R']

For this test case, you should provide the output:


The actual tasks to solve will have N ranging up to 100,000. Sample code solution is available at https://repl.it/@zhiwei/collisions

Categories and Awards

There are three categories for the MCC:

All students will take part in the same competition, but prizes will be awarded by category. There will be Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards.

We will be giving out digital certificates instead of physical ones.



The MCC is open to primary, secondary and pre-university students who are:

Independent Participation

We strongly urge that anyone interested to participate to talk to your school teacher about sending a team. In the case that your school is not sending a team, or you are not currently attached to any school, you may register as an Independent Participant. If you would like to participate as an Independent Participant, please ask your parent to register on the registration website above.


The fee is RM10 per participant.

Payment Method

You may pay the registration fee via bank-in or online transfer to our bank account (info below). Payment should be uploaded (via registration website) after submission of participants list to finalize the registration.

Bank account information:

Account Number: 8600213076
Bank: CIMB Islamic Bank (Taman Danau Kota branch)

Instructions for schools



  1. Once your teacher has created an account and added you to the list, you may head to the registration site and log in using your IC number (or passport number if you’re not a Malaysian citizen).
  2. You may edit your name. Note that this is the name that will appear on all certificates that you will receive.
  3. Enter your email address and verify it by clicking the link in the email sent to your address. This is very important as we will send your login credentials for MCC to this address.
  4. Fill in the rest of your credentials and check the box if you agree to the terms.

Instructions for independent participants


Honour Code

All participants in MCC agree that they will:

During the competition, usage of search engines like Google and access to all online references like Python tutorials are permitted.

Beyond MCC

MCC is the preliminary selection process of a year-long program to identify and train the top computing talents in Malaysian schools. Top scorers in MCC will be:

The top scorers in MCO will be called for a series of intensive training camps conducted by experienced Olympiad participants. Students who qualify at this level will participate in the Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad (APIO), an annual online contest among countries in the Pacific Rim region. After the training camps and APIO, four students will be selected to represent Malaysia in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) 2022 which will take place in Indonesia in August 2022.


MCC is brought to you by the Malaysian Informatics and Programming Society. See our About page for more details.


Please direct all inquiries about MCC via email to mcc [at] ioimalaysia [dot] org.